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Course Resources

1️⃣ Basics Chapter


Ch 1 - Code & Notes

All the code & notes from the video lessons located on my public GitHub Repo

Dataset - Data Science Job Postings

The dataset for the entire course; It's real-world data science job postings from 2023 and is hosted freely via Hugging Face


 2️⃣ Advanced Chapter


Ch 2 - Code & Notes

All the code & notes from the video lessons located on my public GitHub Repo

Download Python

A link for you to install Python via the Anaconda Distribution

Download VS Code

A link for you to install Visual Studio Code


 3️⃣ Project Chapter - Final Project


Luke's Final Python Analysis

This is the GitHub repository I built for this course's final project; It details all of my analysis along with the insights I gained along the way; This is meant as a guide for students to follow and not just to copy

Supporter Resources

🧮  Practice Problems

🧩 150+ Tailored Exercises: Learn Python faster with meticulously designed exercises spanning a range from easy to challenging
🔍 Detailed Tips and Tricks: Every problem not only includes a comprehensive solution but also hints, best practices, and a step-by-step walkthrough


📝 Community Access 

📖 Ask for Help: If you get stuck, you can get help from fellow learners in the comment section of each question
🔍 Learn Faster: Helping others in the comment section will help reinforce your learnings from the course


✨ Certificate of Completion

🎖️ Certificate of Completion: Receive a certificate to validate your new skills and enhance your LinkedIn profile

🧑‍💻 Showcase Experience: Share how you used real-world data to help solve a problem for data professionals


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Who Is This For?

 Perfect for absolute beginners 👶 eager to analyze their first dataset

 Also for hard-core data nerds 🤓 seeking to streamline their analysis


🚫 Zero Experience Needed:

If you can handle high school math, you're set

🚫 Absolutely No Prerequisites:

Repetition for reassurance 😬

✅ I'll Cover the Rest in the Course:

From foundational concepts to advanced analytics

About the Instructors

Luke Barousse - Course Instructor

 🌎 Real-world Experience with Python
Spearheaded innovative projects in collaboration with MrBeast's team, integrating popular tools like SQL & Python.
💡🤖 Sharing Knowledge about Data & AI 
Guides a community of +400,000 data nerds in harnessing analytical tools to revolutionize their professional workflows.

🎓 Trusted Course Developer 
Imparted wisdom to +30,000 learners on DataCamp in leveraging analytical tools to elevate their career efficiency.


Kelly Adams - Course Producer

 🕹️ Hands on Experience with Python
Driving strategic decisions within the social gaming industry at Golden Hearts Games, using popular tools like Python, Google BigQuery and Looker.
📝 LinkedIn Content Creator
Documenting the day-to-day life of a full-time data analyst and teaching Python & SQL to over 40,000 data professionals.
📹 Course Producer for Data Analytics Content
Educating an audience of +400,000 analysts about the latest data analytical tools to improve their professional skill sets.

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