Data Nerds! I’m Luke

I’m a data analyst, YouTuber,
and former submariner

I help data nerds be more productive.

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Heyo! 👋 I’m Luke

Data analyst, YouTuber, and engineer. I help data nerds be more productive.

My YouTube channel has gained more than 400K subscribers over the past couple of years, and it’s where I like to share my learning journey as a data professional. 👨🏼‍💻

After I finished my time in the U.S. Navy’s submarine force, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. 🤷🏼‍♂️  So I did what all my friends were doing: I got my MBA and started working in a management position. 🥱

Well, it turns out I liked helping others with their data problems more than managing people, so I decided to go full-time on YouTube. And ever since then, I’ve been working to share my love for data. ✌️


+400K Subscribers

YouTube Channel for Data Nerds

+30K Students

Course Instructor at DataCamp

MrBeast’s Analyst

Former Analyst for #1 YouTuber

My Favorite Comments


"After hundreds of rejected applications, 1 startup company said YES, and now I have a job offering in the data field after a 4 years career break. I could not thank you enough for your videos. YOU ARE THE BEST LUKE!"

- Fitrie Ratnasarie, on YouTube


"I come from an education background and made a career shift. Your videos inspired me to become a data analyst. And a week ago I started my first job as a Finance Data Analyst at Citi. Thank you so much for all your tips and advice"

Kendall Roda, on YouTube


"[Your] video has changed my career, I remember one year ago when my friend told me to watch this video and pursue this certification. I'm glad I did and after putting in a lot of hard work, I'm officially working as a data analyst!"

Shubham Batra, on YouTube

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