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ChatGPT Myths

🙅 “ChatGPT can’t do my job

A recent study from Harvard found that those who use ChatGPT in their job were 25% faster at tasks and increased their quality of work by 40% (compared to those who didn’t).

In this course, I’ll share all of my tips and tricks to automate tasks for my job as a data analyst, which saves me 10-20 hours a week.

🔐  “Chatbots are a security risk

Chatbots have certain security risks when used improperly and without the proper protocols established; 🔑 that’s why this course will heavily focus on preventing these vulnerabilities.

ChatGPT has settings and subscriptions that allow your data to be just as safe as they are in cloud providers like AWS, GCP, or Azure.

🤖 “AI is going to take my job

Well, this one is likely to become true if you don’t start to implement AI in automating your job.

But on a positive note, business leaders intend to increase their headcount because of the productivity benefits of AI tools, and data nerds 🤓 are some of the highest to benefit from this.

What if I told you ChatGPT could not only do your job,

but it could also do it faster?

🧑‍💻 All without having to write a single line of code

About The Course

 Your comprehensive guide 📖

to learning how to use ChatGPT 💬

as your very own data analytics assistant 🤖🤔

🙋🏼‍♂️ First, I show you how I do it

🎬 6+ Hours of Content: I provide an in-depth overview in as few words as possible

🧑‍💻 Then, you go and do it

📝 50+ Exercises: You’ll be working alongside me through a real-world project

P.S. The best way to learn something is to build something… so  we'll be doing this with a recent problem I've been trying to solve 

What Will I Learn?


Data Analysis:

Harness ChatGPT for advanced data analysis



Construct effective prompts for quick and precise analytics



Craft impactful visuals and predictive models with ease


Data Cleaning:

Clean raw data using NLP and text analysis for clarity


Data Collection:

Collect data using web scraping and APIs



Demystify complex statistics and embrace efficient data viz practices


Analytical Concepts:

Transition from basic analysis to advanced predictive techniques


Portfolio Build:

Construct a capstone project to demonstrate your real-world expertise


New Features:

I’ll update this course (and you) as new ChatGPT features are released!

Who Is This For?

 Perfect for absolute beginners 👶 eager to analyze their first dataset

 Also for hard-core data nerds 🤓 seeking to streamline their analysis


🚫 Zero Experience Needed:

If you can handle high school math, you're set

🚫 No Coding Required:

Leave the coding up to ChatGPT

🚫 Absolutely No Prerequisites:

Repetition for reassurance 😬

✅ I'll Cover the Rest in the Course:

From foundational concepts to advanced analytics

What Skills Will I Use?


💬 ChatGPT Prompting: Guide this tool to use Python and SQL for you—no coding experience needed

🐍 Python & SQL: Unlock the power of the two most in-demand skills without having to write the code yourself

🔓 ChatGPT helps unlock Python and SQL for non-coders; while also streamlining the workflow for professionals

Top skills in data job postings (Source:

⚠️  ChatGPT Plus or Enterprise Subscription is Required ⚠️

Paid subscriptions give you access to advanced features, like analysis and browsing, that best allow you to analyze data; the free subscription can't  read or connect to data, the very first step in data analysis 

P.S. From the hours it saves daily in automating my job, it’s well worth the $20/USD a month

What Will I Build?

🙋🏼‍♂️ Work with me on a real-world data project as we investigate the data science job market

📊 Dive into a Live Dataset: Analyze the global job market with live, daily refreshed data, and draw actionable insights (Bonus 🌟: You can use these insights to help land your next job)

🏗️🐍 Construct with In-Demand Skills: Use ChatGPT to execute Python and SQL to explore this big-data dataset; no coding is required

👾 Showcase your Experience: At the end, share a GitHub-worthy project that demonstrates you can transform data into decision
Check Out The Final Project 👾

What Do I Get At The End?

🎖️ Certificate of Completion: Receive a certificate to validate your new skills and enhance your LinkedIn profile

⏱️ Time Savings: I save about 10-20 hours a week using this tool. If you don’t see similar results; I’ll refund you your money back

📁 Shareable Project: Craft a capstone project that you can display on GitHub
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"After hundreds of rejected applications, 1 startup company said YES, and now I have a job offering in the data field after a 4 years career break. I could not thank you enough for your videos. YOU ARE THE BEST LUKE!"

- Fitrie Ratnasarie, on YouTube



"I come from an education background and made a career shift. Your videos inspired me to become a data analyst. And a week ago I started my first job as a Finance Data Analyst at Citi. Thank you so much for all your tips and advice"

- Kendall Roda, on YouTube


"[Your] video has changed my career, I remember one year ago when my friend told me to watch this video and pursue this certification. I'm glad I did and after putting in a lot of hard work, I'm officially working as a data analyst!"

- Shubham Batra, on YouTube

Will Generative AI tools (like ChatGPT) take your job?

🙅 NO!

And BTW, there is data to prove this 👇


🚀 ChatGPT raises productivity

A recent study from Harvard tested those that used GPT-4 for tasks vs those without access to GPT-4

Those that use AI had their quality of work increase by more than 40% with AI! 💫

But that’s not even the craziest part; They were 12.2% more productive and completed tasks 25.1% faster. 💨

📈Generative AI will likely increase data jobs

In a recent survey from KPMG, they explored U.S business executive’s perspective on Generative AI (Gen AI). 

Not only did more than half feel that Gen AI would increase headcount in their organization 📈

They also felt that data nerds 🤓 would be one of the most positively impacted groups by this increased headcount 🍾

Course Chapters

1️⃣ Intro to ChatGPT

💡 Options & Setup:
Dive into ChatGPT Plus 🌟 — the $20/month gateway to AI-driven data prowess.

🚀 Walkthrough:
Navigate ChatGPT’s terrain 🧭 with ease, tapping into advanced features for data analysis.

🤖 Prompting Mastery:
Craft prompts 🛠️ that turn ChatGPT into a data analytics powerhouse.

⚙️ Settings for Success:
Optimize settings 🔧 to refine ChatGPT’s data handling capabilities.

2️⃣ Intro to Advanced Data Analytics

 🔗 Connecting to Data:
Master the art of data integration 🌐. Connect your datasets directly to ChatGPT for real-time analytics.

🧹 Data Cleaning:
Cleanse your data 🧼 with AI, setting the stage for accurate analysis.

📈 Data Visualization:
Transform data into visuals 🎨. Learn to communicate complex insights with clarity.

🤖 Predictive Analysis:
Predict the future 🔮. Use machine learning to forecast trends and outcomes.

3️⃣ Analysis Basics

🖼️ Visualizations 101:
Get savvy with charts 📉 and graphs—your toolkit for storytelling with data.

🧮 Stats Made Simple:
Embrace stats 📚 without the sweat. Demystify data with easy-to-digest visuals.

🛠️ Best Practices:
Learn the golden rules 📐 of data viz for impact that resonates.

🔍 Types of Analytics:
Explore the spectrum from descriptive to predictive 🚀. Turn hindsight into foresight.

4️⃣ Advanced ChatGPT

😵‍💫 Hallucinations:
Spot and sidestep AI 'hallucinations'—facts or data points conjured up by the AI.

🎯 Prompting Best Practices:
Nail your prompts for razor-sharp AI responses. Less guesswork, more precision.

📝 Custom Instructions:
Customize ChatGPT to fit your analytic needs like a glove. Tailor and transform your AI interaction.

5️⃣ Intro to Plugins

🖥️ Browse the Internet:
Navigate data with Bing 🌐—it's ChatGPT’s lens to the World Wide Web.

⏱️ Time-Saver Plugins:
Embrace plugins for efficiency ⚡—less grind, more grindstone.

📝 Notable Plugin:
Transform bulky PDFs into bite-sized insights with Notable 📊—no copy-paste fatigue.

🖼️ Generate Images:
Let DALL-E convert text prompts into visual masterpieces 🖼️—unleash your inner artist.

6️⃣ Data Collection

🔎 Find Datasets:
Dive into public datasets like Kaggle & others, uncovering data gems 💎.

🕸️ Web Scraping:
Harness web scraping to extract online data with ease and precision 🛠️.

🤖 APIs Unpacked:
Master APIs, the powerful data conduits, for advanced insights and streamlined collection 🚀

7️⃣ Data Cleaning

✍️ Text Cleanup:
Polish raw text to shine 🪣. Strip out noise, fix errors, and standardize formats for clarity.

🔢 Number Cleanup:
Refine numerical data for accuracy 🎯. Correct inconsistencies, handle missing values, and validate ranges.

🗣️ Natural Language Processing:
Employ NLP to structure and understand text data 📖. Extract meaning, sentiment, and intent.

🎓 Capstone Project: Data Science Job Market Analysis

📊 Live Data Source (updated daily):
Dive into a real-time dataset of job postings from 🌐. Uncover the pulse of the data science job market.

💻 Python & SQL Mastery:
Apply in-demand skills of Python 🐍 and SQL to slice and dice the data, revealing essential job market trends.

🚀 Relevant Data Experience:
Explore a unique project designed to unlock job market secrets 🔓. Make landing your dream job easier.

🛠️ Project Construction:
The best way to learn something is by building 🏗️ . That’s why you’ll build from the ground up, using all the skills acquired throughout the course.

📤 Sharing Your Work:
Showcase your analysis on GitHub 👾. Demonstrate your ChatGPT-powered data analytics prowess to the world.



Bonus 1️⃣:

Unlimited use of community resources

🙋‍♂️ Share your questions anytime you get stuck in the course, and have them resolved directly by me


Bonus 2️⃣:

Customized chatbot to help

🤖 This GPT (a.k.a. chatbot) was built on ALL of the material from this course — you can use it to ask questions when your stuck or even to quiz yourself


Bonus 3️⃣:

My ChatGPT Cheat Sheet

📄 Keep this at your fingertips during and after the course — it’s my personal guide to maximizing the capabilities of ChatGPT for data analysis


Bonus 4️⃣:

Private access to a real-time data source

🔐 Unlock the vault to the data powering, a website that aggregates real-world data daily for data science job postings

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About Luke Barousse


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Spearheaded innovative projects in collaboration with MrBeast's team, integrating ChatGPT to push the boundaries of content creation.


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ChatGPT for Data Analytics


(One-time payment for lifetime access)

  • 💡 Master ChatGPT: Learn how to use ChatGPT for data analysis with over 6+ hours of video content while working on a real-world guided project to speed up learning
  • 🚀 No Coding Required: ChatGPT will be used to generate all the Python and SQL code for you - no prior experience is needed
  • 💼 Increase Productivity: Use ChatGPT to increase your work quality by 40% and complete tasks 25.1% faster (according to a study from Harvard)
  • 🤖 Prompting Mastery: Learn how to craft prompts that turn ChatGPT into your very own data analytics assistant
  • 🧠 Advanced Analytics: This is for all levels; we’ll start with the basics and build up to advanced concepts like predictive techniques
  • 🏗️ Build with In-Demand Skills: We’ll learn to harness the power of the two most popular tools, Python and SQL, to explore BIG data
  • 🔓 Unleash Python & SQL: No prior coding experience is needed with ChatGPT as your co-pilot (Just a reminder 😉)
  • 📈 Job Market Insights: Analyze real-time data from for the data science job market
  • 🚀 Boost Relevancy in Job Market: Generative AI like ChatGPT is predicted to increase the number of data jobs (according to a survey from KPMG)
  • 🎓 Capstone Project: We’ll finish off the course by building a real-world project to showcase your newly gained skills
  • 🌟 Course Bonuses: In addition to my proven system of using ChatGPT as your analytical assistant, you also get a host of extras in this course:
    • 🔑 Exclusive Access: Get behind-the-scenes access to a real-time data source for data science job postings
    • 📄 ChatGPT Cheat Sheet: A personal guide to maximizing ChatGPT's capabilities for data analysis
    • 🏆 Certificate of Completion: Enhance your LinkedIn profile with a certificate upon course completion
    • 🆙 Course Updates: As you’ll have lifetime access to the course after buying it, you’ll get to stay up to date as new ChatGPT features get released and I update the course
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